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Hat noch wer ein Foto vom EM-Stadion, das er raufladen kann? Ein Foto, wo man etwas von der Architektur sieht, also eher leer als ein Choreo Foto? --Amano 01:16, 16. Sep. 2008 (CEST)

Technik Details

Auf der alten Webseite der Austria (siehe Snapshot vom 06.06.2005) findet sich auf der englischen Version folgende Stadionfakten:

Details Below you find all important details regarding the new stadium 28.05.04


   * 1. fence free stadium in Austria
   * size of the football pitch 105m x 68m, artificial turf � 8.362m²
   * sole stadium in Austria with an artificial turf
   * roofed seats and standing stands
   * space for 18.686 people
   * 558 VIP cushioned seats
   * 20 Skyboxes and Skybox Lounge
   * Videowall (20m²)
   * Floodlight system up to 1.400 Pixel
   * High capacity public address system
   * State of the art VIP and Skybox Lounge
   * 2.400 parking spaces
   * 50 coach parking spaces
   * reserved parking for VIP and Skybox guests

Construction period October 2001 - March 2003. The grand opening took place on 8 March 2003.

Costs The stadium construction including the ground costs added up to € 45 million. This project was financed by the state, the county Salzburg and the District Wals Siezenheim.

Capacity The current capacity stands at 18.686 (incl. standing room for 4.998 pax). For concerts or similar events the seating capacity can be slightly less depending on the stage set up. The South Stand is used at all home games by our supporters clubs, who create great atmosphere in the stadium. All other Stands (except the one reserved for fan clubs of the away teams) are equipped with seats. For the European Football Cup 2008, which will be organized together with Switzerland, the stadium will be extended to 30.200 seating capacity. The conversion will be starting in 2005.

Ticket Info With the entrance,-ticketing system �SportFive Tixx� and �Team Axess�, a modern and web based tool, we can guarantee you an efficient and speedy entry into the stadium. Tickets are available online.

Catering The stadium catering is organized by �Catering�s Best by Crowne Plaza� . In the stadium itself we have 12 gastronomy outlets serving drinks and food during the game. A buffet with national and international delicacies is offered to our VIP and Skybox Lounge guests.

Stadium facilities

   * Conference rooms with a capacity of up to 250 pax
   * Skyboxes for up to 25pax
   * 1 good sized press conference room
   * 4 changing rooms

The EM Stadium - the perfect location for your event! High quality equipment as well as diversified use of the conference rooms available will guarantee a top event in an unusual location. For more information on conferences and events please click here �.


   * Salzburg Airport (5min. drive away)
   * A1 exit Klessheim
   * Main train station (Eurocity-, Intercity, and Interregioconnections), ICE connection to Munich
   * Pedestrian and cycle tracks
   * Public transport (Bus No 10 and 80)
   * Shuttle busses from Airportcentre and Salzburger Ausstellungszentrum (Exhibitions Hall) � only available when games take place
   * At all home games, your match ticket can be used as a bus ticket on all busses operated by the Salzburg AG Stadtbus


EM-Stadion Wals-Siezenheim